Thursday’s Special: gold Inside

In the afternoons, Cousin Jan’s cottage by the sea in Southern Maine fills with September sunshine. Everything about the place is golden: scent of old timbers, sand in the floor boards, the sun bleached covers of the cushions. The play of light makes me think of Proust’s À la recherche du temps perdu  or Colette’s Le blé en herbe. You want to curl up like a cat, absorb the warmth through every pore, and dream. The cottage has just the places to do this too. You can slumber, lulled by the breeze in the garden pines and the neighbours’ wind chimes. Later, as the day’s warmth fades, you can blow the dreaming away, walking briskly along the beach that stretches for miles, the Atlantic rolling in at your feet.

copyright 2015 Tish Farrell

Thursday’s Special: Gold Inside

This week at Lost in Translation, Paula has invited guest blogger, Ron, to share his insights on interior photography. Follow the link to see his wonderful work. And then go here to see Paula’s and other bloggers’ responses to the challenge.

32 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: gold Inside

  1. Your words make me want to be there. The crumpled cover and angled pillow look as if you have disturbed someone napping in the sunshine…

  2. This is perfect 🙂 With a place under the sun like this I would no longer need to travel. Your photo is perfect, Tish. P.S. I haven’t read Le blé en herbe, but I will make a note to do it.

    1. It’s one of my favourite books, a celebration of adolescent first love. Also called Ripening Seed in English, which I think is a rather hideous ‘translation’.

  3. What an intriguing shot, Tish! My eyes bounced around the lamps and then I settled in on the couch 🙂 It reminded me a little of a honey toned breakfast room I shared in a wooden chalet in Poland. I don’t have a photo- just memories 🙂 I could be so comfy in your shot!

  4. What a superb place to rest, read an just curl up and be content. So beautiful, the design, light and the warm and inviting atmosphere. Great take on the challenge, Tish.

    1. Thank you, Dina. I think it works as a virtual curling up place, should the need strike. We can just go there in spirit 🙂 I think the Book Fayries would be very at home among the lanterns, the lamplight and the ocean light in their wings.

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