25 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Cold

  1. It looks like a wonderful, rather medium cold day, Tish. Beautiful mood, colours and light. We visited Anglesey (Abbey) in Cambridgeshire last month, this Anglesey I have never visited (so far).
    Wishing you a relaxing evening,
    Dina and rest of the gang 🙂

  2. A nice shot. A melancholy mood which seems to reflect isolation.

    There’s a photo of me finishing a Johannesburg marathon from a few years back and in the pic I look red from sunburn but in fact it is wind chaffing. One of the coldest days in Jo’burg in years

  3. A wonderful shot. I was trying to find the cold as the water was still moving. Aside from the water it reminded me of time spent in the arctic. It was a cold barren experience but one that I am happy to have experienced. Thank you for the memories! :o)

    1. Cold it still is, Paula, and with more wind and rain thrown in, but not as cold as when I took this pic. Apparently, tho, we’re in for a heat wave by the end of the week. It’s all very confusing.

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