Reflected glory? Putting myself in the picture

P1000801 P1000806 - Copy Well it had to be done, didn’t it – that selfie. Besides which, my hat matched the reflected paintings. Anyway, this is the wonderful work of  Jacob Chandler Shropshire Artist and Sculptor, and it’s on show at Jenny Gunning’s  gallery, Ironbridge Fine Arts and Framing Limited.

Jenny has recently moved into these new premises, one of the nineteenth century warehouses on the banks of the River Severn in Ironbridge, home of the world’s first cast iron bridge (see previous post). It’s actually on the site of another world wonder, the Merrythought Teddy Bear Factory, the family-run business that since the 1930s has been making the best bears ever. But that story will have to wait.

For now please enjoy Jacob Chandler’s Layers of the Mind complete with passing strange woman in a hat. Also, if you can, visit Jenny’s gallery. Not only does it show the work of local artists, but Jenny and her father, David Gunning are both famous print makers. You can see their latest work there, and buy one of David Gunning’s bespoke printing presses.

This week at Lost in Translation Paula’s Thursday’s Special challenge is reflection.


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32 thoughts on “Reflected glory? Putting myself in the picture

  1. I think if Jacob sees that beautiful shot of you Trish, he would want to create another gorgeous sculpture with you in it. Beautiful! 😀 ♥

  2. STUNNING sculptures ! – absolutely STUNNING ! I love them madly !!!
    Now I shall copy you and post about another artist’s work that impresses me to the same degree.
    It’s your fault.

    1. Hey, go for it. I love the way we can give each other ideas. There is SO MUCH out there to talk about – I mean positively wonderful things instead of ratbag BIG CORP despoliation stuff. Can’t wait to see what you come with it 🙂

  3. Interesting. Possibly another trip to Ironbridge is required. Do you know how long this exhibition runs for? I looked at the web site but couldn’t find any indication on their (I also think they need a location map as it is not very clear where they are – I mean I know where the Merrythought bear factory is but other people coming to Ironbridge might not.)

    1. I don’t think the exhibition is on for any set time, Jude. And yes a location map. I’ll suggest it when we go to pick up the pic they are framing for us.

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