Flamingos in the Mist ~ Dawn on Lake Elmenteita


The light changes every second across the lake. From dawn till dusk there is always something to watch at Elmenteita in Kenya’s Great Rift. There are over 400 species of birds to spot for one thing – among them the endangered white pelican that breeds there. The main stars, though, are the surely the huge flocks of flamingos, both lesser and greater varieties, that turn swathes of the lake to rose-petal  pink. Even a passing glimpse  from the nearby  Rift highway  is enough to catch the breath. A pink lake – how can that be?

This story continues at: On watch at Elmenteita – the lake that blows away

Over at Paula’s Lost in Translation the challenge for this Thursday’s Special is ‘multitude’

31 thoughts on “Flamingos in the Mist ~ Dawn on Lake Elmenteita

    1. It’s hard to imagine now that I truly was there, out on the lake foreshore, and not a soul with me, just thousands of flamingos. I have to say the shore didn’t smell too good though.

    1. It is truly an extraordinary place, Dina. It also has a soundtrack of resounding grunting flamingos which is perhaps not so lovely. They chunter away all night, in between sifting the soda lake.

  1. Almost as lovely as the photograph is the image I get from your words as I skim down the comments. Smells, sounds and all! I feel a need to go and read the full story 🙂

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