Night-time on Broadway ~ look out, the music’s escaped…

This week artist, Suzanne Miller, is Paula’s guest at Thursday’s Special, and she has challenged us to think and look at our photographs in a more abstract way. This photo was taken after a trip to the New York Ballet at the Lincoln Centre. I’m rather fond of ballet, and had been very much looking forward to the show, but after the first forty minutes, I was so bored I succumbed to rather more than forty winks. It was far more exciting out on Broadway.

To see Paula’s and others’ response to ‘abstract’ go to her post at Thursday’s Special


24 thoughts on “Night-time on Broadway ~ look out, the music’s escaped…

  1. The dance of life is captured well in your abstract impression of life in New York 🙂 What a colourful and energetic response to the challenge – I’m so glad you joined in.

    1. I think we were unlucky with that night’s program. After a wonderful Prodigal Son, it was all downhill. A New York friend, who had always keen supporter, thought the director at the time (ant it’s a few years ago now) had a lot to do with the loss of their former edge.

  2. maybe my tribute to Manhattan (using the lyrics of Ferlinghetti) helps to relax; you need not dance to this, give your flowers some water instead!
    your Frits, singing:

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