Life Imitating Art Imitating Life…?

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I snapped this the other morning with my little Lumix ‘point and shoot’. It’s the view from our bedroom window. The light was extraordinary, and when I looked at the image again it reminded me of  René Magritte’s The Golden Legend  –  also a view from a window, although with the interesting addition of flying baguettes. What do you think?

René Magritte

You can find out more about Magritte HERE. I like the way he challenges our ingrained perceptions.


44 thoughts on “Life Imitating Art Imitating Life…?

    1. Oh dough me a favour, Ark. Or perhaps I should’ve said “Oh crumbs!” Anyways – always happy to provide inspiration for you bad puns – to go along with mine. 😀

      1. I firmly believe a slice of humour every day is what makes the world go round.
        And don’t try to outshine me with half-baked attempts, madam! 🙂

        How’s Shropshire today, Tish?

      2. Half-baked is my middle name actually. But Shropshire is bright and sun-shiney, tho with a wind that could indeed slice bread. How’s things in your spot – hot I expect.

      3. We are ushering in Autumn; past two evenings and mornings have been ”right nippy”. ( But yes, the days are still bright and sunny)
        I was paging through one of my old notebooks this morning looking for a character from a discarded novel when out of the blue, I came across something meteorological I had written:
        2011 – Cold snap (winter) April 28
        Winter Woolies here we come!

      4. Hard to believe that autumn is coming your way already. I think I must have been dreaming through winter at this end of the world. It’s one of the things I miss about Kenya – the chilly cold season nights and the scent of acacia wood smoke. Aaah.

      5. Conversely, I would love to experience an English autumn/winter again. Wandering through the woods close to where I lived, or wandering aimlessly around Chester without meeting anyone I knew.
        The ever present danger of being mugged down Memory Lane 🙂

      6. Meant to say, if you go wandering about Chester, you’re likely to meet my niece and chap in their Goth get-up. They wouldn’t mug you though.

      7. I was going to make a bread ( or ill-bred) remark, but you Brits have lowered the bar too low, even for me.

  1. Definitely some amazing lighting and delighted no buns came leaping across your camera lens. Yes i can see why the image came to mind for you. 🙂

      1. Predictive bloody text! I meant using, enjoying, employing, whatever. I didn’t have space to fit in my long lens and dslr camera, so I’m much closer to my subjects. The LX100 has a super Leica lens, but zooms from 18-75.

      2. I got your drift, Ian, never fear. Glad you are enjoying your Lumix. All that zoom. Sounds like a v. whizzy model. Mine is fairly basic.

    1. Not the floating bread, that’s not mine, I hasten to add. But my window, yes, with the greatest pleasure dear, Noel, you may borrow it. Of course if you turn it the other way, it looks at big trucks. Nothing’s perfect, as they say. 😀

  2. Lovely view, Tish, but I can’t say I saw much connection with Magritte other than the baguette-shaped cloud (and that took me a moment.) Maybe you were hungry? 🙂 At any rate, I’m not going the pun route (did that a few times already this week) but I did enjoy the photo as well as reading about your weird thought processes (hee, hee) and reading the comments.


  3. Gorgeous view Tish and a spiffing capture. As for the Magritte’s image …. having baguettes fly by one’s window I think it is genius 😀

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