Sarah by the Sea ~ Black & White Sunday


This photo was taken two Christmases ago on the island of Anglesey (Ynys  Môn) in North Wales.  The island saw the last stand of the Celtic druids, who were defeated there during the Roman conquest of Britain. This edited image, with the faint glow of light around the dark silhouette,  suggests to me the lingering Celtic spirit – quiescent and contained now, but still purposeful.

Inspired by Paula’s request for quiet. For more hushed compositions in black & white please visit her blog at Lost in Translation

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Rule of Thirds

33 thoughts on “Sarah by the Sea ~ Black & White Sunday

  1. Thank you dear Tish. I like the evocative mood in the photo and this glow around the figure. Who is Sarah? Shall we play some music by Enya with this one?

  2. That glow is so understated and magical I wouldn’t have noticed it had you not pointed it out. You’re helping me develop an appreciation of photography now. Get it: “‘develop’ an appreciation…” oh sorry. Drink more coffee, Bill.

    1. Niece Sarah doing a Darth Vader imitation – now there’s a thought, Jo. I think she might be up for it too. In real life she’s a chemical engineer, a petite little body who cuts big men down to size in oil refineries…:)

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