Expressing Your Inner…?


…Green Man/Morris Dancer/Goth at the annual Rochester Sweeps’ Festival.

To find out more go to “Unexpected with bells, sticks and hankies at the Sweeps Festival”  HERE

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

Express Yourself

35 thoughts on “Expressing Your Inner…?

      1. Everyone needs t read him once in a while.
        Although I am disappointed with the newer stuff, especially Raising Steam. I think his illness is taking its toll, sadly.

      2. Apparently he now ”speaks to his computer”.
        I don’t how the writing process is for you, but I find the physical aspect f typing or writing the words is part of the creative process and it differs slightly from what runs around in my head.
        Thinking words and simply repeating them, is not ( for me) the same as writing.
        I have no idea if this is part of the problem for Terry, ( and if his secretary/assistant helps put) but the writing in Raising Steam, for example, was flat and the characters came across as wooden – characters I have come to love.

      3. I’ve often toyed with the idea of dictating my stories, but I think you’re right about the act of writing. It is part of narrative process. It expands – makes some space around the original thoughts – and then often changes them. Of course, there may also be a time when one gets to the end of one’s well of fictional ideas, though that’s a rather sad thought.

      4. I can’t say, Tish. I know I have hit several brick walls in story outlines/plots, but usually if I leave them alone they will come home dragging their tales behind them …
        I have mental mapped out entire scenes and swathes of dialogue while out on a jog and all was required was for me to sit at the laptop and type. But I firmly believe that the physical act was the icing on le gateaux; something my gut tells me Terry needs and is sorely missing. Whatever the reason you are right about this : it is a rather sad thought.

    1. Yes, Frizz, I agree. Fiesta, festivals and feasts, and general friends and family get-togethers are all good for bringing joy to people’s lives, and creating a satisfying structure..

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