Farewell, Little Digital…


My trusty Kodak EasyShare camera died on Christmas morning. We were striding along Newborough Beach on Anglesey, in North Wales, me happily snapping away here and there. As you can see, the light was wonderful, and the mountains of Snowdonia across the Menai Strait, a mystic blue-grey. And then the camera began to die. Touchingly, it’s last shot is of me with my specs on, peering down at its lens, and wondering what on earth was going on with it. Under the circumstances, I’m not sure how the photograph happened, but happen it did. (An unintended selfie?) And so there you have it, little Kodak’s last click. Aaaah.


Perhaps it knew what was coming; that I was about to desert it for a smarter, whizzier model. For yes, when we got back to the house, and the present opening, it was to find that Santa, aka the Team Leader, had bought me a new Lumix Panasonic. Oh, so many more modes and functions. But at least it has forced me to make one New Year’s Resolution: to learn how to use it properly. There! Now I’ve committed myself in print. Anyway, here’s a preliminary attempt in monochrome mode: looking towards mainland Wales.


38 thoughts on “Farewell, Little Digital…

  1. Santa brought me a Panasonic Lumix, too – the LX100. It is just about small enough to carry around and takes excellent photos and high quality video. I will be taking it to Swaziland as my only camera. Look forward to seeing your photographs in the new year.

  2. Ah, this is so sad. I too have a Kodak Easy share and it goes every where with me. I too got a new camera for Christmas – a vastly ambitious Fuji ‘bridge’ number – I am enamoured but it is so heavy and bulky I’m praying little Kodak will outlive me :-).

  3. So fitting that long with your selfie….these two final black and whites are superb.
    I have used a Lumix Panasonic for about five years and love it….although I am sure that yours has many more bells and whistles than mine.
    Happy New year, Tish and have fun with your camera. Janet:)x

  4. Isn’t it weird how our little devices seem to know when they are about to be replaced. Those Panasonics are nice cameras. You don’t need to know much to use them. I have two and Garry’s primary camera is one of those also. Depending on which lens it came with, they are sometimes amazingly good cameras. Remarkable for the price and type. Good luck!!

    1. Thank you, Marilyn, for your assurance. I’m not really up to too much homework, camera-wise, and so far I’ve managed without the instructions…Ah, you can feel the slippery slope of not getting to grips…

  5. That’s an awesome final shot.
    And I see Santa was able to get to you. Here we received notification that Santa will not make it due to bad weather.

    1. I don’t think Santa is trying hard enough, Noel. Besides, he doesn’t know what he is missing – soaring over your beautiful land. Greetings to you, my friend. Hope you had a good holiday. Back at the Lake?

  6. I think it knew what was coming…but it’s touching its last picture was of you. Best for your practice with the new one! The first shot is promising 👏

  7. Learning to use a new camera can be a fascinating, frustrating but fun time. Following you as you show us all your favourite fotos and focus on filling 2015 with fantastic images will be fulfilling.

  8. There are some very fine Lumixs around. I fell in love with one myself. Yes, the lives of cameras are getting shorter and shorter with the passage of time. Though sometimes, when we really care for the instrument we work with, we can keep them going longer than usual. Wishing you much learning with the new camera, and inspiration. Looking forward to seeing your work with the new camera.

    1. Thank you, Shimon. I’m looking forward to getting to grips with my Lumix. It’s a fairly basic version. My Kodak had some pretty hard use for the last 5 years, and for a cheap little camera it was rather brilliant, so I shall miss it.

  9. No idea how I missed this post with the good and bad news – love the kodak’s farewell shot and welcome to the world of the Panasonic Lumix (hence my need for ‘get to know your digi’ classes) Lucky camera to have such views to capture and those green remembered hills. Enjoy it Tish!

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