Thursday’s Special: Feeding the Birds on Dubai Creek


Following Paula’s lead in her Thursday’s Special slot, I’ve also found a bird photo to illustrate photo 101’s theme of ‘swarm’.  The mood here is  obviously very different from Paula’s dramatic shot; not so much suspenseful, more twilight tristesse.

copyright 2014 Tish Farrell

10 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special: Feeding the Birds on Dubai Creek

  1. I love it Tish. I would have posted it immediately, but first I was at work and then I had to come back home suddenly cause of fever again. You don’t have to be original. Swarm does not have that many possibilities of interpretation and I really love your photo. Thank you.

    1. No, not in this case, Gilly. When I took the photo it seemed like a ‘time slip’. Dubai is ultra-modern, and there is not too much left of its past – dhows apart. But just then, when the birds flew up, it seemed timeless somehow. At such moments I always have a sense of something lost.

  2. The colour saturation on this photo is superb. I just with there was a bit more detail on the figure in the bottom right. It is intriguing and frustrating I can-t blow it up more! 😉

    1. Yes, well, it really was only a quick snap, and I was bit chary of snapping the locals. So there you have it – a bit of mystery figure. She looks to me like an Asian lady, and think she is feeding the birds. The colour saturation (yellow glow) has been a bit accentuated due to the fact that we think our slide/photo scanner mirror might need a clean. This will involve a major disembowelling and consulting copious destructions, so am hoping the One Who Leads will know what he’s up to.

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