Today is My Birthday ~ We went to Ludlow


I was born on Halloween, so here I am today – not too scary I hope, wearing my autumn colours. The Team Leader snapped me by the bridge over the River Teme, in the ancient town of Ludlow, Shropshire. We went there for my birthday lunch.


It was warm enough to eat outside at The Green Cafe, a wonderful little restaurant that sits on the riverbank between the bridge and the weir. It serves divine food in rather cramped quarters, because it is simply so popular (voted third best in Ludlow, which is quite something in the foodie capital of Shropshire).



After lunch we wandered around ancient streets that were full of autumn sunshine.





Happy All Hallows Everyone


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93 thoughts on “Today is My Birthday ~ We went to Ludlow

  1. Happy Birthday dear you!
    You are looking quite spiff, and your photos are lovely as per usual. Smashing one of the Feathers.
    Reminds me a bit of the Rows, in Chester.

  2. Hope you’ve had a fine day. I shall forever remember your birthday now as I sent an email earlier to a good friend who shares the same birthdate.

    Love those autumn colours for your clothes, but then my colour analyst told me I was a sludgy autumn anyway.

    The caff looks decent. At least it had veg options.

    1. Hi Kate. How are you? Thanks for the greetings, and yes the caff is very good on the veggie front, even ensuring the carnivores get good measure. My mackerel came on delicious pumpkin and chickpeas and tomatoes, with some spiced pear, and yoghourt with some chilli chutney on top, and steamed kale.
      I have been doing sludge colours for some time now, and thought the moment had come to break out.

  3. Happy Birthday! My mom would’ve named you Spooky so lucky you’re not my sister! Hope your day was wonderful; it looks like it was!

  4. happy belated birthday! looks like the day put on its best manners and provided beautiful weather and beautiful memories, with the finale being a round-the-world queue of happy-birthday greetings here on your site!

    may your next year be filled with equally-lovely moments!

    1. Hi there, Peter. Your good wishes are much appreciated. How’s the writing going? I don’t think you need Halloween or any version of it to spur your imagination 🙂 Does this festival figure at all in Kenya? I don’t remember it doing so when we were there. Hope your weekend is going well too.

  5. You look gorgeous, Tish, in your beautiful sweater which I want and your great patterned scarf which I want too. Isadora Duncan wore scaves all the time. I must say I adore scaves and have quite a collection.
    I must say it looks like you had a lovely birthday. All of your photos showcase a placid day. I ‘m so sorry I missed bringing celebratory wishes yesterday. I hope the next year is filled with an abundance of good health, good cheer and more love than your heart can hold.

    1. Hello there, Annette. Thank you for your greetings. The Feathers, indeed, is a most famous inn. I think it’s 15th century. One never tires of looking at it anyway. There’s always some detail in the timber that one hasn’t noticed before.

  6. Belated Happy Birthday, Tish!! What a wonderful place to celebrate! And the weather collaborated too…nothing matches a sunny and warm enough autumn day. Blessings for the coming year!

    1. I did have a great day, thanks, Babsje. And it rather continued across the weekend too. In fact it is only that Monday morning feeling that is letting me know that THE day is finally over. 🙂

  7. It’s a good looking place, isn’t it, Tish? I only visited one time, quite a few years ago, but have fond memories of the lilac hibiscus we bought on the market. It turned its toes up a few years ago 😦
    Do you know Jude of Travel Words, Tish? She lives in Ludlow. Too late to wish you happy birthday. Well, maybe for next year 🙂 (a fellow Scorpio) 🙂

    1. Hi Jo. I’m catching up with comments as I have been internetless for a few days. Yes, I do know Jude – at least blogwise. She does some great Ludlow posts. And yay. fellow Scorpios indeed.

  8. Hello Tish,
    Nice meeting you. Hope my belated birthday greeting for you would still be accepted. 🙂 I love watching your photos. Such a lovely and relaxing place.

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