sunday stills: from my garden today


There’s a rainstorm brewing along Wenlock Edge, and the garden has taken on an autumnal air. All afternoon I’ve been watching this harvester ply the wheat field. At close quarters the cutting blades are of a scale more suited to the Canadian prairies than to a small Shropshire field. I feel the soil compact beneath the giant machinery, and it strikes me that industrial farming does not care much for the welfare of the earth, or ultimately for the nutritional quality of the crops produced.  I have this image of starvation in the face of plenty, and think how skewed have our rich-world values have become. But before I make everyone feel too dreary, here’s a brighter shot of my garden earlier in the summer.




Sunday Stills

30 thoughts on “sunday stills: from my garden today

  1. What a stunning garden and view Tish and such gorgeous captures! The perfect place to sit and relax and take in the beauty around you. You are blessed indeed! 😀

  2. The colour of the photographs is just right. The combine working furiously to get the harvest in before that looming black cloud releases a deluge on the field…

  3. I agree with your sentiments with regard to farming…and how wrong we have it! However, your garden is glorious…and yes it does feel very autumn like this week. Janet. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Noel. I didn’t care for the harvester either. The size of it wasn’t very obvious from the photo. I know farmers need to make a living, but the size of agri vehicles in this country is astonishing considering our roads are so small. They drive past the front of the house and fill up both sides. Now I have some really great pix of that!

  4. Cheer up chicken. The field could be full of sweaty blokes with scythes and the field would empty by the time you had your photos developed and I wouldn’t see them at all!
    Technology’s not always bad.
    Oh, and I have always liked the effects you’ve achieved in your photos and have said so from the word go. They often have a ‘painted’ quality. It makes them more ‘arty’.

    1. Hm. Ark. Now that’s an interesting vision – a field full of sweaty blokes with scythes! OK you win, at least over the speed of photo realisation. Still, don’t care for current farming practices, especially the chemical deluge. Also not shown is the Horlicks of a building site on the edge of the field – 13 so-called affordable houses that aren’t quite what was approved on the plan and been in the making since 2007. But thank you for liking my pix. I didn’t do much to this one in fact. The light was really weird, and my little Kodak easyshare just picked it up. It’s great for a £50 camera. If I learned to use it properly it might be even better.

  5. quite a contrast with Africa so no wonder the combine makes you contemplate – I imagine field creatures fleeing for their lives .On a brighter note, there is Autumn in the air but summer hangs on in your borders, iced with antirrinhums

    1. Yes contrast indeed between blooming big juggernaut and a jembe hoe. And yes Laura, summer is hanging in but only just in Shropshire. Had to resort winter woollies this evening, and OH has lit the woodburner.

  6. I love rustic, cottage garden style, your garden is a picture Tish. As you put the extra layers of clothes on and stoke up the fires we are taking off the doona and shedding the winter woollies.

    1. Thank you, PP. Today the garden is not only rustic but sodden. Loads of rain. Don’t know where our summer went to. Overnight autumn arrived, and a month early. So yes, I’ll think of you warming up and try not to humph. 🙂

  7. You are so very lucky Tish to have such a spectacular and beautiful garden to escape to! Gardening can relieve so many of the stresses we encounter in life. (looks like you are stress free) but the looks of your beautiful garden.

    1. Well being in the garden does seem to dissolve stress, you are right. The only thing is I tussle with myself as to whether I should be writing or gardening. Oh dear! 🙂

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