living textures: ageing with dignity



Today, 10 August 2014,  is World Lion Day, and I’m posting this photo of a rather threadbare old lion. He might look world-weary lying here in the Mara oat grass, but he still conveys a sense of the powerful creature he once was. Of course in these days when humanity and wildlife increasingly compete for territory, it is wishful thinking to hope that all lions might live out their natural life span in the wilderness they have left to them.

World Lion Day

DP weekly photo challenge: texture


18 thoughts on “living textures: ageing with dignity

  1. Wasn’t even aware we observed a World Lion Day on Aug 10 so not only was your photo a great interpretation of this week’s photo challenge, it also provided some interesting info too. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I must be honest ,I wasn’t going to comment, ( no reflection you, Tish) I get upset about World this and that day as it invariably means there’s a problem. I am grateful there is no World Ark Day… yet!
    Nice post, as always.

    1. Thanks, Ark, for commenting. I understand your reservations entirely. He’s such a good old boy though isn’t he. Most wildlife shots are of gorgeous topcats, not ones that have rather lost their looks. Comes to all of us I suppose…

      1. In respects to looks: mine seem to improve in direct proportion to my failing eyesight.
        I expect that one day I will look ‘Absolutely Fabulous’


        I have just ‘discovered’ the TV show Vicious, thanks to my old guitar tutor.
        Funniest thing since grandad fell off the bus.

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