Reflections on Wolverhampton

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Sometimes we rural Much Wenlock souls get to visit the city, our nearest one being Wolverhampton. A couple of Sundays ago we were lucky enough to have tickets to see the Tord Gustavsen Quartet at Wolverhampton University’s Arena Theatre (Jazz at the Arena). It was the final night of their British tour, and what a night it was – utterly captivating musicianship. You can see Peter Bacon’s review at The Jazz Breakfast.

En route to the concert, and to prepare  myself for some Nordic introspection and reflection, I thought I’d dabble in a little West Midlands Noir. I used my Canon Powershot A430, bought on Ebay for twenty quid, and then fiddled about on Windows Live  Photo Gallery. The shots were taken near the theatre and include St Peter’s Church and  other University of Wolverhampton buildings. While I was in the Arena bar I also happened to notice that it had a reflective ceiling.








Weekly Photo Challenge: reflections


16 thoughts on “Reflections on Wolverhampton

  1. That first colorful pictures is so striking and, to me, represents the light and sound overload I experience in cities (I live way out in the boonies). The last few pictures are very grainy which adds to the mystique of the church images.

      1. Yes, every once in a while I get a craving for city life – the diversity of people, really good restaurants, galleries, museums….but after I get my ‘fix’ I am only too happy to return to my pastoral life.

  2. The Jazz was great. Never visited Wolverhampton while I lived there. I lived in Chester, and if memory serves, I’m sure one needed a passport and a translator to visit this neck of the woods? 😉

    1. W’ton can be a bit of challenge, and did have its rough days, but it’s fairly polite now and very much a university town. Nowhere near as nice as Chester though.

  3. A beautiful collection of photos and they make such a great response to the challenge. Thanks, too, for the intro to the Tord Gustavsen Quartet. I’m unfamiliar with them and loved the track.

    1. Happy to introduce you to Tord Gustavsen Quartet, John. They tour the US fairly regularly, though have just been there I think. They are really worth seeing live, but quite a lot of clips on YouTube.

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