In the pink in Maine and Massachusetts


Portland 15


Portland 11

Portlan 8a)





Sometimes it feels really good not to have to write anything!

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27 thoughts on “In the pink in Maine and Massachusetts

  1. Great photos Tish. Never been to Maine but these have certainly triggered happy memories of a long trip in New England.

  2. There is definitely more pink around than I suspected, sigh… but can’t argue with architecture and flowers and I do like a good lobster and red mullet 🙂

  3. I’m really glad there’s pink and there’s more pink. I don’t really like pink but your selection was able to show variations I liked. Pink and green should never be seen, but somehow in nature it’s OK (ish)

    1. Yes, Tony, I share your reservation on pink. But then I also wish I’d photo’ed a lobster roll, the epitome of pinkiosity. I was just too busy scoffing to think of recording same. Perhaps just as well to avoid unbridled drooling. Not good for the keyboard.

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