Marvellous Multicoloured Maine


I read somewhere that most Americans, when asked, said they would like to live in Maine. I’m not surprised. This time last year we were setting off there with high hopes. We were not disappointed.  Our American cousins had given us the use of their magical beach house in Ocean Park, Old Orchard Beach. Later we would go to their farm in Richmond where they keep alpacas. So here’s a tribute to colourful Maine, and big thank you to Jan and Craig Wanggaard.

Travel theme: Multicoloured










Portland 10






Portland Headlight 3




The Farm 16

The Farm 6



And finally, a sea-faring ‘garden gnome’. When I posted this photo on my Face Book page, FB wanted to me to tag and say (quote) “who this person” was. Any guesses?


39 thoughts on “Marvellous Multicoloured Maine

    1. Hello Jan, glad you liked the photos. Didn’t want to be too intrusive in your lovely spaces, but they seemed too nice not to share a little. Hope you’re both well. We think of you often. Tx

  1. I love Maine. Except during Black Fly (the state bird) season. And winter. We were in Jackman a couple of years ago. We met Moose. Many moose. And a few bears. And more moose. We used to camp in Pleasant River lake years ago when friends of ours had a cabin up there. Miss is. Ogunquit is nice too. Maybe we’ll vacation there next year. That’s a nice thought. GREAT pictures!!

  2. These pictures are just amazing… and they truly tempt me to visit Maine… even though my traveling days are over. But when I was younger, and seeing the world, I was always shy of those northern corners, thinking they would be cold. Looking at your presentation, it seems like heaven on earth.

    1. It was beatiful, Shimon, and we did not even get to see the truly wild places. It is a huge state, and mostly rural with small farmsteads. Also many old houses dating to the late 1600s. The further north you go the coast gets more rocky and jagged with great inlets and huge rivers. But best of all, the people are most hospitable, and if you like eating fish – then it is heaven!

  3. Wow! Gorgeous pictures! I don’t know if I would live in Maine, but I certainly would love to visit. One of my favorite authors is from Maine (Stephen King) and I have wanted to visit the state for quite some time. He mentions Maine a lot in his books. Great post!

    1. Thanks very much, Rob. It’s a place that would be hard not to love, isn’t it. I mean the fish chowder alone sells it to me, and the people there seem to be living the lives the want to live…

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