Which Way in Africa: It’s Often Hard to Know


More views from our time living in Africa. For more of the stories behind the photos, you can follow the links.



Village path, Shela, Lamu Island, Kenya



It is easy to get totally lost in the by-ways of Stone Town, Zanzibar


trading centre after El Nino rains

Or totally bogged down during the rains. This road is in Kenya’s highlands in Central Province, taken when we were out on the farms surveying crops for smut fungus.



Village path down to Tiwi Beach, Mombasa, Kenya


Sable Road in the dry season 2

Sable Road, Lusaka, Zambia, where we lived in 1992-3. This was taken in the dry season.



Heading for Uganda from DR Congo. Or maybe not…


12 thoughts on “Which Way in Africa: It’s Often Hard to Know

  1. Tish these are wonderful photos of which ways! I think I my favorite is Stone Town. But it really is hard to decide. Thanks ever so much for playing along!

    1. I’ve also been enjoying your heron posts. Unfortunately for some reason, I’ve lost my ‘comment’ facility. Hoping the WordPress community will have the answer.
      It was great to see the in-nest video of the fledging herons.

      1. You’re welcome, glad you’re enjoying the herons. FWIW, I found a comment from you in my spam folder (in WordPress “comments,” and I marked it as “not spam.” Hope that helps!

    1. What a very nice thing to say, Frizz. I like being a bridge, now you mention it. It was why I started writing my stories about Africa – the place where we probably all began several million years ago. We need to find ways to come back together again – at least in good fellowship and trying to understand each other. That’s what’s so wonderful about blogging – the people you meet.

  2. Dear Tish Farrell,

    I’ve been wanting to contact you to say how much I loved and was moved by your story Flight, by far and away the best on the Bath comp, whatever got into the judge’s hair. Your photos are fabulous. Like you I am a fan of Africa, and you capture my own experience on safari in Kenya, Tanzania and Zanzibar perfectly.
    Best wishes

    1. Hello Jenifer, thank you so much for your very encouraging comments, and thank you too for taking the time to read both my story and my blog. It’s strange you should write today, I’ve just been reading Flight aloud, practising for a reading at my local bookshop on Friday. A bit nerve-racking actually. If you’ve travelled in Africa, then you’ve surely got the bug that never leaves you. It gets right under your skin and into your cerebral cortex. Thanks for writing.

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