Not Something You Often Think Of ~ Self-Renewing Onions



Here are my allotment  Welsh Onions as seen late last summer. They are simply bursting to make lots of little onions. The flowers are white, a good  2-3 centimeters across, and the stems are around half a meter tall.  And so yes, they do look like giant chives, but with more vigour and verve. I anyway like their style (admittedly a little Triffid-like) as they try to outdo their globe artichoke neighbours.

The artichokes are also intent on self-renewal, and it’s often a toss up between eating them and wanting to enjoy their wonderful mauve flowers. But then this is what I love most about my allotment – the endless cycle of regeneration. It’s the same for the gardener too, in spirit, if not in body, though I often wonder if I might not respond well to a good dosing with liquid seaweed fertilizer – just about now I should think, with spring at last upon us.


This week’s guest challenge at Paula’s  Lost in Translation is Renewal. Please follow the link to see some inspirational shots from Michelle Lunato.