Moving Day Snowed Off!


The snow that was supposed to stop yesterday (according to the weather oracle) didn’t. There was a good six inches this morning – the slushy, slippery stuff that causes havoc on untreated roads. And havoc there was. The removal trucks did try valiantly to reach us this morning, but found themselves caught up for two hours in traffic jams of accidents and breakdowns on the highway down the Severn Gorge. And even if they had managed to reach Wenlock, the bottom of our street was blocked by two huge lorries that strangely, and within minutes of each other, had broken down; there was no way out to Broseley.

Now at lunch time, it’s raining not snowing; the road is almost slush-free and the broken down trucks vanished. Graham, after reinstating the internet connection, has retreated for a nap (on the mattress on the bedroom floor), having been awake half the night, and I’m pondering on what bare minimum needs to be unpacked for an unanticipated camp-over. (My last ditch packing up session early this morning saw stuff popped wildly into nearest bags and boxes, thus leaving some items untrackable).  The movers are rescheduling jobs and plan to be with us tomorrow. Meanwhile, we have the trusty wood burner and a stash of logs. Our lovely neighbour, Josie has brought us chocolate cake and a bottle of wine. And later we may well treat ourselves to dinner out at one of Wenlock’s hostelries.

So as they say: tomorrow is another day. And hopefully the snow will soon be on its way out.


34 thoughts on “Moving Day Snowed Off!

  1. I was only saying to the OH yesterday that you were moving this week and I hoped you wouldn’t get caught up in the snow! Good idea to eat out. I recall my last night in Ludlow after the removal company had been and gone, but I had to wait until the following day for the rental agency check out, sleeping on a blow-up mattress and eating a takeaway pizza! Good luck for tomorrow.

    1. Cheers, Jude. All good luck wishes gratefully received. The daft thing is the road is quite clear now and traffic speeding by. It’s as if the problem never was, though we still have plenty of snow in the garden.

  2. I showed Celeste the picture of Graham’s shed and she thought it was your house.
    ”No wonder Tish wants to move. Her house is tiny!”
    In early choked on my sandwich.

  3. Oh but isn’t the snow pretty? The next thought is something else may have been going on that you were saved from. I do believe delays are a gift sometimes. Do keep us informed on the move.

  4. I know I’ve been gone for a week and a half or so, but how did I miss that you’re moving? Where will you end up? 🙂 All the best. The snow’s beautiful but not always helpful.

  5. Like Janet, I somehow missed the fact that you were moving, Tish, but I have been a bit absent on the blog lately. I do hope you get moving tomorrow… Wishing you all the best

  6. Oh dear, what rubbish timing! I hope you managed OK overnight and that the move goes smoothly today (although I’ve heard reports of more snow up your way so am a little concerned for you).

  7. Oh you poor souls! I hope your second attempt to move will go to plan. But who knows what nature has in store? We are constantly amazed and delighted with the good things, so I suppose sometimes we have to put up with the bad! At least the snow looks good!

    1. Hi Cora and Brian. Your good wishes worked, though after much thawing on Thurs. we were aghast to wake to more snow on Friday. But 4 stalwart lads got their trucks to our door (via a roundabout route) and we were moved in 2 hours. So all turned out fine.

  8. I have been thinking of you – heard from Jo (Still Restless) that your move was delayed. Catching up in your space to find all this snow …
    Hope you are able to resume your move soon.

    1. Many thanks, Ju-Lyn. We did wonder if we’d ever get moved in time. It was awful to wake the next day to even more snow. But the movers managed to get to us, and by the time they’d packed us up, the snow was melting. Of all the things one factors in for moving house in the UK, being stymied by snow-blocked roads is not one of them.

      1. I was telling my family about the situation you found yourself in – indeed one of those unanticipated stressors, if moving wasn’t challenging enough!

  9. I hope so, Tish. February here in New England was mild. March is making up for the lost winter. Tuesday will be another foot of snow, heavy and wet. Sigh!

    1. Sorry you’re getting winter when you probably dared to think it was going to be an early spring. February can be so tricksy like that. Hopefully, like our snow, it won’t stay too long. Heavy and wet sounds pretty dispiriting though.

      1. It is not a fun snow when it’s this late in the season, and when it’s heavy and wet. Another foot is falling as we speak.

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