Here Comes The Sun

P1000056 - ed

Snowdonia, North Wales from across the Menai Strait


Wales tends to have a reputation for being short on sunshine and  long on rain (washed out family holidays often looming large in people’s memories). And it’s true it does receive a lot of rain from the Atlantic. And yes, it can often be a question of catching  it while you can. But then when you do, the combination of mountains, sea and active weather systems can produce some other-worldly effects. The island of Anglesey in December and January puts on some specially good sunlight shows, and what can be more heart and spirit-lifting than winter sun.



The Pilot House, Penmon Point, Anglesey



In Henllys Woods



Aberffraw Beach: January sunset


Lens-Artists: Here comes the sun  This week Amy asks to see our sun photos and anything under the sun.

48 thoughts on “Here Comes The Sun

  1. Wow Tish, your images of the sun’s rays are gorgeous. Like anything, I suppose if the sun is less omnipresent it is more appreciated when it DOES appear. I also loved the image of your shadow in the sunlight. Very creative.

  2. Great photos, Tish. I find Wales can vary so much with the weather. Parts of Ceredigion can be wet, yet on the coast at Aberystwyth, the sun can be shining all day. 😊

  3. Good photos as always. Here I’m singing the Annie song..The sun will come out tomorrow…hopeful it will. Rain daily this week and forecast for next week too. Thankfully I llive on high ground but there have been many flooded roads and yards in the area.

  4. That’s amaze-balls, as we might say here (not intended to sound profane as this is American English, kidslang, I’m using [Orwellian word there kind of: kidslang]). I love that winter light and can picture the two of you journeying there with your camera post Christmas, hopeful for some otherworldly magic. Amen to that Tish!

    1. Amaze-balls – that’s quite a phrase, Bill. But I could well see it becoming a new profanity on English lips. As to magic making. We must get down to it – both of us – whatever the medium. I like that picture you painted of us, travelling west at the turn of the year.

      1. Well put, I’m all in. Always a sucker for the magic-making, the make believe. Here’s to that!

    1. That snow shot was such a chance one. The light was nearly gone, and I happened to look out just as that last lglow of sun happened. Most unreal. No wonder the Druids gravitated to Anglesey.

  5. Ah, Snowdonia! Wonderful images of sun and snowplay. The first one is absolutely gorgeous. The one with the pilot house very atmospheric – and your shadow! Well done.

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