Past Glories


We’ve been having a brilliant show of morning glories this year, but the sudden switch from summer to autumn is now dampening their spirits – more dreariness than glory. Still, their portraits from sunnier days make a cheery show.


Past Squares #3

20 thoughts on “Past Glories

    1. Just sometimes common bindweed has its good moments. There’s one that grows very picturesquely up an allotment damson tree. But then it’s not on my plot! My plot, on the other hand, has been invaded with the small pink striped sort – pretty but a complete pain.

      1. That is what happens here. We leave for Florida the middle of Oct. and there was one year that they started blooming two weeks before we left. Hubby wanted to pull them up to clean the beds and I had to fight him off until the day before. I have had them bloom in August. Independent little buggers!

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