This Must Be The Stuff Rumpelstiltskin Used


Well here it is – all set to spin into gold. So now you know. Rumpelstiltskin surely had barley straw.

But before the spinning – this was the barley crop three mornings ago:


Then in the afternoon, in the baking heat, this happened:


And the dust flew:


And now we have this:


And I can hurdle across the field to the allotment, leaping limping over the straw furrows which are half a metre tall, grabbing a few handfuls as I go – not for gold production unfortunately, but to add to the compost bins. There’s another bonus too. This early harvesting may mean we have the freedom of the field for much longer than we usually do – i.e. before it is ploughed for the next crop. I’m also looking forward to baling, if that’s what happens with barley straw. Lots more photo opportunities if the bales are left in the field long enough to take the camera out.

Grimms’ Fairy Tales: Rumpelstiltskin

20 thoughts on “This Must Be The Stuff Rumpelstiltskin Used

  1. First thought–leave of “This” in the title and you have a Six Word Saturday entry…if you want one. I like the gleaning idea. I gleaned some lavender in Provence many years and was able to get it back home without it all coming off the stalks. I was rather happy about that. 🙂

  2. I hope they get the bales in before the big storms approaching. One of my favourite memories was galloping on the cliffs at old Harry using straw bales as a slalom!

    1. It had some good doses of agric-chemicals, but yes compared to last year’s wheat there were scarcely any. In fact the main invaders looked to be a few small colonies of self-seeded wheat, and there were no obvious signs of the wild oats that invaded that crop.

  3. That stubble must be sharp? hope you are wearing some good shoes as you hurtle across the field! (or perhaps you did mean hurdle – after all this is the time of the Olympics).

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