Alien Life Forms At The Allotment?


Well this does look pretty weird, doesn’t it. On the other hand it’s the only evidence of major growth  on my allotment plots just now. And the only photo-worthy sign that I’ve actually been toiling away up there.

Naturally, seasoned gardeners will immediately recognise what’s going on here, though my method was a bit unorthodox. Forced rhubarb. Back in the winter when the shoots were first sprouting, this despite many rounds of frost, I had the notion of putting a spare compost bin over the clump. It has worked very well, producing very long pink juicy stems that cook in an eye’s blink. Delicious simmered in fresh-squeezed orange juice, sweetened with runny honey and some star anise. Then served with Greek yogurt. Just the thing for a bright breakfast start to the day.

Bright Square #29

39 thoughts on “Alien Life Forms At The Allotment?

  1. Yum, Tish. My favorite is strawberry-rhubarb pie. I thought you had celery, but I didn’t notice the red stem. It is a beautiful plant.

    1. Rhubarb and strawberries – definitely a star combination. Sadly there’s no chance of them coinciding here this year. Weeks before the strawberries happen, and the rhubarb’s had its chips.

      1. My mom’s cousin chops and freezes the rhubarb until the strawberries ripen or vice versa. He has to buy them anyway. He’s 96, I think.

      2. He is a role model. He is pretty much blind, lives on his own. Sometimes he has roommates, sometimes he doesn’t. I convinced him a few years ago to at least hire someone to clean for him. He loves to cook and is really good at it, but pretty sloppy, then can’t see to clean it up. He’s amazing though. 🙂

    1. I’ve got a fabulous Josceline Dimbleby recipe for rhubarb, mango and star anise. I wonder if she stole some of the idea from Tish (PS I say fabulous but haven’t actually made it as I don’t like rhubarb, however it does sound good!!)

      1. Mango sounds a very interesting addition. Which reminds me that I once had a good Josceline D cookery book. Wonder what I did with that. Overtaken be Ottolenghi probably.

  2. You’re right about the alien look but the breakfast sounds good. I love strawberry-rhubarb pie and I’m not much of a pie person. I was most interested to read “in an eye’s blink.” In the US we say “in the blink of an eye.” 🙂


  3. Star anise – one of my favourite spices 🙂 … and not just because it helps clear my sinuses if I have an unexpected allergy reaction. 😀

  4. You’ve certainly got a Venusian hiding in the undergrowth. Rhubarb isn’t normally something I go for, but during lockdown I have found myself almost craving some. I’ve been staying clear of my local pie shop and I think that’s got something to do with it.

  5. I’m on the fence about rhubarb – I always loved it when I was younger, but having tried to cook it since, I wonder if that was because there was just too much sugar in it!

    1. The necessary sugar in-put puts me off cooking it much these days. Using orange juice instead of water perhaps helps. The old fashioned way was to add a good sprig of Sweet Cicely to help reduce the sugar content.

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