What A Nutty Narcissus


Every year these mad-cap daffodilly-narcissus make a fine show up the allotment. In fact they light up a deep-shade spot under a very ancient damson tree and her offspring thicket. No one seems to care for them in any way. They simply come and go. For some reason they make me think of Cadbury’s cream eggs.

Bright Square #14

23 thoughts on “What A Nutty Narcissus

  1. Ah… haven’t had a cream egg in yonks. Neither a Walnut Whip, come to think about it.

    Kismet! We often do the crossword over dinner and last night one of the clues was: ”Early spring flowers: N something, something etc, etc … i”
    Me being the clever clogs, I got it!

    1. Amazing what surfaces from the depths of the old memory banks. I don’t suppose you’ve seen one for decades. I actually wish I hadn’t summoned the cream eggs though – so sickly sweet they make one’s teeth shudder. Walnut whips – now those were better. I think they may have been disinvented.

      1. they’ve changed the recipe – had some miniature ones over Easter and they are even more sickly sweet now. Wasn’t impressed!!

  2. How lucky to have such beautiful “volunteers” as my m-i-l used to call plants that sprang up all on their own. My husband loves the cream-filled eggs and I got him and my parents each a small one for Easter but I don’t eat them. These flowers remind me of farm-fresh eggs that have a deep yellow/orange yolk. 🙂


  3. Ooh; I get the Creme Egg association. I saw some in the supermarket recently and realised that a) I used to love them, and b) the thought of eating one now turns my stomach. 🤔

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