Life In Colour ~ Brown Can Be Beautiful


This year at Travel Words Jude is encouraging us to think hard about colour in our photography. This is the final week for brown – earth shades. From Sunday there will be a new colour scheme to look out for.







Life in Colour: Brown

48 thoughts on “Life In Colour ~ Brown Can Be Beautiful

  1. That oak leaf is gorgeous! Thanks for finding more browns Tish. I think I started off with the perfect colour for this time of year. Let’s hope next month is as successful 😁

  2. Beautiful browns Tish even the little outhouse conforms. . An often overlooked colour.but as you’ve so cleverly shown it is the colour of life and death. I’m so pleased Jude chose this one to start us off. A great challenge. I’m looking forward to her next choice.

    1. It’s very thoughtful challenge, isn’t it. It’s certainly made me look at colour with my brain switched on, as a opposed to passive responding. The little outhouse was my old shed at the allotment. The next incumbent on that plot demolished it. It was on its last legs, and leaned a lot, but I liked its textures.

    1. I was just saying to Pauline, that the shed was my old allotment shed. Then I moved plots, and now it is no more. I loved the way it had weathered. After using it for several years I one day found a1725 ha’penny just in front of the door which was rather odd. A worm must have wormed it to the surface.

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