Snowed Up Teasels–AGAIN!


Fresh from the garden an hour ago, and more snow to come. Nor are we alone. Temperatures in the northern hemisphere, and especially parts of North America have been plunging to record lows due to a shift of the polar vortex, the icy wind system that usually spends winter over the Arctic. It’s even been snowing in the Algerian Sahara – the fourth time this has happened in 42 years. My computer tells me it’s zero degrees celsius here in the UK, positively tropical compared to Chicago’s –26C with an added wind-chill factor of –53C. Stay warm, everyone.


Square Up #24

24 thoughts on “Snowed Up Teasels–AGAIN!

  1. It’s 10 degrees Fahrenheit, or -12 Celsius, here right now. says it’s 31 degrees Fahrenheit, or -1 Celsius, at Chicago’s Midway Airport. All fairly normal seasonal temperatures. I don’t know.

    1. I’ve noticed that weather temps have become v. politicized, especially the ‘hottest’ and the ‘highest’. It’s a bit much if you now can’t trust the MSM with the ‘coldest’ either.

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