Signs Of Squirrel-Dupery? Who knew?


Grey squirrels don’t hibernate, though they are said to do less scampering in wintery weather, and when it is very cold, they will curl themselves up, using their tails like duvets.

These photos were taken before the snow when the big oaks at the top of the Linden Field were alive with squirrel-kind seeking out acorns. They were also pretty busy after the snow, doubtless seeking out their respective stashes. But here’s the thing. It seems they are a sneaky lot and will make a big pretence of burying nuts in particular places to fool other squirrels. The little dupers.




Square Up #6

Becky has a wonderful sun for us today.

25 thoughts on “Signs Of Squirrel-Dupery? Who knew?

  1. So beautiful – those tails do look like lovely bouncy duvets. 🙂
    The deer, as well as the squirrels, have been clearing our acorns
    (there’s a lot of acorns to get through, though!)

  2. well I never know they were into dupery – what mischievous creatures they are, and just look at that tail all stuck up. Marvellous SquareUp

  3. We had a couple of squirrels trained to come running for their peanut treat when we called (a mimic of squirrel chatter—maybe they thought it was another type of call…) Not around with the snow, though.

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