Kinda Hiding


A topi in the grass and apparently on its own too. Usually they go about in large herds and the males like to stand on top of ant hills or any earthy hummock to show themselves off. Similar to Coke’s hartebeest, they can be distinguished by their deep chestnut coats with plum-coloured flashes. They are a subspecies of tiang antelope found in Ethiopia and southern Sudan, which in turn represent northerly versions of the Central and South African tsessbe. All part of the natural world’s endlessly rich and subtle diversity.



KindaSquare #9

25 thoughts on “Kinda Hiding

    1. Marvellous feline logic. I tried the same thing today – taking a short cut across the field from the allotment, only to find the farmer had started ploughing. Some of the farmers round here don’t take kindly to wandering citizenry. And as it was raining too, I held my big plastic compost gathering bag over my head, and it at once became an invisibility cloak. And it worked. Neither of us could see the other 🙂

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