27 thoughts on “Two Of A Kind #3 Elephants In Oat Grass

    1. It’s hard not to feel in awe of them, even when viewing them in a photo. Bigger than the sum of their parts, which is good going for something as large as an elephant πŸ™‚

  1. I like them, too, Tish. πŸ™‚ Sometimes when I see elephants I think the of poem of the blind men and the elephant and sometimes of the movie we enjoyed last year “Holiday in the Wild.” Sometimes I just think how cute the little ones are and imagine them rollicking around. Makes me smile.


  2. A great shot Memsahib. As usual. I wonder why elephants are possibly the animals I miss most from Africa. Maybe because they’re in such great danger?
    Hope all is well with you. (I hear a second wave seems to be coming in the UK?)
    Stay safe.
    Kwaheri sassa.

    1. Hello Brian. Yes, the lack of elephants is a big lack in one’s hemisphere. As to the second wave, HMG can’t even count the tests properly, let alone decide who is actually ill. Most of us have probably had the virus since last December when it was first loose in the UK. 67 million of us were told to stay at home if we felt ill so there will be no record if we did not speak to our surgeries. Some doctors here are beginning to speak out about what is actually happening and the need to end the russian roulette lockdown game that is being played out across the nation. Not in main Tory areas apparently!

      1. Such a shame isn’t it? I take it as global failure of western politicians to do their job. And I wonder: why are we still paying them?
        Stay safe. πŸ™πŸ»

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