Taking The Long View On The Linden Walk


This photo was taken last weekend, and no, autumn has not come early to Much Wenlock. The leaf litter gathering in drifts along the Linden Walk and the town’s many byways are the papery parts of shed lime tree blossom – the heady, heavenly scent that suffused our atmosphere back in June already forgotten. But hold on now, in the northern hemisphere we still have summer ahead of us; no giving way to the tristesse of ‘Autumn Leaves’, at least not yet. (Note to self: resist posting Yves Montand’s Les Feuilles Mortes until the actual autumn.)

The three little girls in the distance here were part of a multi-family group. They had been having a picnic on the Linden Field, several sets of parents and lots of little kids, dads commandeering the football and tumbling about on the grass with abandon. It was a heartening scene – families at play. Even the swings and slides were back in use after weeks of being wrapped in ugly tape. People having fun and exercise in the fresh air. I’m thinking that Doctor William Penny Brookes, the town’s physician, who back in the 1860s chivvied his chums to help plant these lime trees, would have approved.


Square Perspectives #31 A BIG thank you to Becky for keeping us so well entertained this month. Her own retrospective perspective today is a tour de force  Red rose.

15 thoughts on “Taking The Long View On The Linden Walk

  1. awwww thanks Tish, and what a beautiful way you have chosen to finish. Just loving the feel of this, and wise words too about us exercising in the fresh air

    1. Not outside. Only in enclosed places, shops, hairdressers, etc. Not good to wear them while walking/exercising anyway: oxygen deprivation/CO2 inhalation/

      1. No idea. Probably based on statistics, but on the whole it appears young people are not affected by Covid 19. I think there’s also been some studies that show that children are therefore not infecting adults. One theory I read is that the virus lurks in the sinuses which are not developed until adulthood. There’s actually pretty thin evidence that mask wearing provides much protection anyway. One problem is self-infection from repeadedly handling the same mask without hand washing.

  2. Yes, the younger kids have missed out on so much this year. I’m sure many will suffer from anxiety, but hopefully once they are back at school all will feel normal again and they are usually more resilient than we think. Always like to see your Linden tree walk 🙂

  3. What a beautiful, deep, lush green the linden trees are at this time of the year. I would never fail to enjoy walking under them at all times of the year.

    1. The trees have looked amazing this year even though we had an almost completely dry spring. Their roots must have access to all the rain that fell through the winter. That’s only a guess.

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