In The Evening Sun ~ Lemon Balm


In these viral days – virtual and actual – we could probably all do with some regular infusions of lemon balm tea. Medical herbalists prescribe it for anxiety, shock, insomnia and all round jangled nerves. Simply brushing your fingers against the stems fills the air with a lemony minty freshness that lifts the spirits. Last night as I was standing at the kitchen door, waiting for the couscous to fluff up, I saw these sprigs among the montbretia leaves, briefly lit by the last of the sun – a glow to savour then between our present squalls of wintery rain and high winds. Last Saturday it was all heat and high summer here in Shropshire. This Saturday the weather clock has regressed to early March. Strange times all round. Time to brew some lemon balm methinks.

Six Word Saturday

37 thoughts on “In The Evening Sun ~ Lemon Balm

  1. Sometimes I put some leaves in vodka to be able to smell its fragrance all year long. Sometimes in brandy – need a lot more leaves and stems, though – with a touch of sugar. For the irrigation of puddings or mince or to drink, all at Christmas.

    Thanks, Tish, for this reminder! Sarah

  2. A beautiful image – both the photo and your words!
    And it sounds as though I must add some to my garden – perhaps in a solid and well defended bucket next tot the mint, and they can run their own battle for domination.

  3. Weather is very strange – spring was far too warm and now a dry windy June so far for me. No sign of the rain others seem to be enjoying

    1. The rain is very intermittent here, and it certainly hadn’t penetrated the brick-soil at the allotment. But this wind! It’s nearly as bad as the 2 day tempest we had in May.

      1. I put some sweetcorn in the day before yesterday and didn’t think to cover it. It looked very blown inside out yesterday when I finally thought to put some mesh over it. Some the climbing beans are looking a bit shocked too.

      1. I mentioned your bread recipe and asked the crew to look out for Spelt flour but on the two occasions they’ve been to the shops since I forgot to remind them. They are due to go on Wednesday, for stock etc. I’ll write it down this time.
        We (Celeste or me) usually make regular white bread. In fact we haven’t bought any form of shop bread in a long while.
        Celeste did a batch of bread and rolls this morning, in fact and I had a very nice veggie burger and chips for lunch.

  4. This is a lovely shot Tish. I have lemon balm in the garden, but it’s looking very straggly. I think our prolonged drought has taken its toll. Even on the mints!

  5. Oh dear, winters squalls in June 🙄 definitely time for a warming, calming cup of lemon balm tea. I haven’t any lemon balm in the garden at the moment, but tried my new Rosella bush Callex + lemon grass in a tea it was very lemony.

  6. I have just bought some Lemon Balm and put it in a pot. Does it come back each year? If it is a good spreader I might just transfer one plug to the Cornish hedge and let it do its thing there!

    1. It is perennial, Jude. It tends to clump up and seed rather than put out lots of runners like ordinary mint. So it will multiply but not too horrifically. Unless of course it particularly likes your soil 🙂

  7. I really love lemon balm! It is such a nourishing and sooting herb with such a pleasant taste!

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