A Topi On Top

Topi can be found across Africa in various local races or subspecies. They also look like Coke’s hartebeest, but are distinguished by their handsome damson coloured thigh patches – very fetching on their chestnut coats. The males are keen on showing themselves off by posing on top of termite mounds – keeping an eye on their females (usually 10-15) and showing would-be rivals that they are on the look-out.

Square Tops #4 Becky has a very special ‘square top’ this morning.

36 thoughts on “A Topi On Top

  1. What an excellent shot , Miss T.
    I am missing your posts in my email for some reason. This is the third time I have to re-follow in the past fortnight.
    If you don’t want me visiting just say … I can take a hint, y’know?

    1. Am certainly not banishing you, Ark. There seem to be all sorts of slippery things going on just now in wordpress and beyond. Maybe the servers can’t cope with the massive internet use. Just think – a big chunk of the 2 and half billion people locked down could be simultaneously streaming.

      1. Prob’ly. I just had to make sure you weren’t ”winnowing the chaff”.

        Jokes aside … how are you coping? From reports it doesn’t look so good over in my old stomping ground.

  2. Thanks for the picture. The topi is not one of the most glamorous antelopes, yet it has a charm of its own. 🙂 Your photos always remind me how lucky we were to see that with our own very eyes…
    Stay safe Memsahib.

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