A Funny Thing Happened This Morning ~ And Not Just Lockdown


So that was two things that had never happened before: to wake up this morning to find the nation was in lockdown and then to see a red-legged partridge atop the garden shed. Well I ask you: a partridge on the old privy roof. How odd is that. Given the choice, partridge are usually ground-hugging birds, more inclined to run than fly whenever threatened. They even make their nest on the ground.Β  In any event, I have never seen either the birds or their nests in our vicinity before.

So it struck me as an irony that just as we humans were being ordered to isolate and stay indoors, here was this bird breaking bounds, and elevating itself in order to advertise readiness for a spot of socializing. Much scanning of the field and earnest calling then ensued.Β  It anyway gave me plenty of opportunity to take these photos. I do hope it finds a willing mate to make a nest with.




76 thoughts on “A Funny Thing Happened This Morning ~ And Not Just Lockdown

      1. Ah, now that might be a bit inconvenient. I seem to remember lions wandering round Nairobi – in the news not so long ago. And the odd hippo.

  1. Could be that the animal kingdom is taking advantage of our seclusion: “At last, humans are all indoors, lets party!!!!” πŸ˜‰ Brilliant shots, my dear Tish of your beautiful visitor! πŸ™‚ Stay safe!

    1. That is a very heartening thought, Marina. A spot of re-wilding, and so quickly after the human retreat! But then nature is never slow at reasserting itself.

      1. Tish, I would like to associate myself with this comment. as the politicians say……..

        The birds and animals have to know that there has been a significant change to their environment and this partridge, perhaps a native risk-lover, knows that nobody is out there to take a pot shot at him and he is ‘scouting’ from a better position than he has had all his born days up to now?!


  2. What a beauty – and up close! A real treat. Great shots, Tish. I do believe most animals love our retreat to indoors. Roaming free – what joy!

  3. How wonderful. And your photos are perfect for my challenge this week – textures with colours and patterns! I don’t think I have ever seen this bird.

  4. Gorgeous photos, Tish!!

    Good luck with your lockdown. We haven’t quite reached that stage yet, but our PM is getting frustrated with people disrespecting the concepts of social distancing and self-isolating. I think lockdown here isn’t far behind.

    1. Thanks for those good wishes, Joanne. I’m thinking it’s altogether easier for us who live in rural areas. I do feel for those in chock-a-block city high-rises.

      1. That’s exactly what we were talking about yesterday. I can’t imagine! We have a backyard to poke around in and get fresh air. Even with our cool, wet weather right now, I’m popping outdoors several times a day.
        As the weather gets warmer, the challenges to stay indoors are going to become greater.

  5. That is truly amazing and your photos are stunning Tish. I think more wild life may venture out when they realise you are all shut away. Stay safe and can you still go to your allotment? I would class that as essential business….🌻🌺🌷

    1. Essential business at the allotment, absolutely, Pauline. Fortunately we are allowed to keep going there. Businesses in the town – the butchers, and our local hotel that also has a market shop are doing deliveries to those who can’t go out at all.

  6. How fabulous . . . . and what a treat. Maybe it knew you were stuck inside and popped across to brighten up your day by doing something unusual πŸ˜€

      1. We’ve had bullfinches in the garden, first time for at least two years. Maybe we should be revisiting all the folktales to discover what messages they are sharing!

  7. Une trΓ¨s jolie perdrix… Asante sana Memsahib.
    Living in the countryside probably is an asset in those lockdown days…
    How’s the country holding up? Any chance Johnson will fired any time soon?
    Stay safe.
    Kwaheri sassa.

    1. Une tres jolie perdrix – mais oui. As you suggest, lockdown in the countryside is much easier and more pleasant than I guess it will be in cities. Also the weather is being hugely kind to us just now so it feels like a holiday ‘almost’. At the moment Boris is bumbling along as usual, but when we’re through this, I think there will be a big accounting. On the other hand headline today, some 500,000 people have responded to his call to volunteer to help the NHS in its crisis. Our medic staff have been under huge strain (and at risk) due to the lack of recommended safety gear and the fact the system was struggling even before Covid-19
      Keep safe too.

      1. Half a million volunteers? wow. That’s England for you. (And Scotland and Wales, etc.) Commendable.
        I do like your phrase very much. Or word: “accounting”. I have been thinking the same thing for a while now. There has to be some very thorough worldwide accounting for all the mishandling…
        take care.

  8. Does the lockdown mean you can’t even go outside?
    We must be careful – with all us humans staying indoors nature is taking over!!!
    How lovely to see the partridge. All this emergent nature warms my heart.

  9. What completely beautiful photos. There’s something of-another-time about them. I’ve been looking at painting by artists in early colonial Australia, and that last photo has the same feel as they do. Maybe because you and they were both looking at, in some sense, an alien bird.

    1. Hello Meg. That’s a v. interesting observation. I think the quality of our light just now has something to with it. We haven’t had prolonged sunshine for so long, but suddenly it’s wall to wall, but sharply chilly too and things seem hyper-real. The photos were taken from inside the house, looking up and on high zoom so it’s surprising that they emerged so well.

  10. The bird has beautiful eyes! I’m an Indian and we don’t have that bird here. The pictures really made me curious to see what it looks like. It’s almost been a month for lockdown in India and it is really fascinating to witness the increased number of so different birds chirping around last seen as a kid. Thank you for the pictures!

    1. You are right about lockdown: it seems to be leaving more room for birds and other wildlife to make an appearance. And perhaps we have more chance to notice what goes on around us. Thank you for your comment.

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