Over Large Pigeon Alights On Small Crab Apple Tree And…


…has to do some very serious pondering as to how to pick the apples without falling off the tree. So here we see the thought processes of a problem-solving pigeon as viewed from the kitchen door.






Well no. Pigeons can’t chew or swallow  whole crab apples, though this morning I watched one have a darn good try. (Appropriate procedure for dealing with a choked pigeon anyone?)


Finally, after much deliberation, the hard won prize was ejected. More pondering ensued.


More gymnastics.


Better leave it to the blackbird then. He does have the right kit for crab apple harvesting.


January Light 10

28 thoughts on “Over Large Pigeon Alights On Small Crab Apple Tree And…

  1. Hello Tish. I really like those images and the thought process of the pigeon trying to eat a crab apple. I also liked the humor… why did the pigeon even try in the first place? was it a never-before-seen fruit? it should have known (from past experience) that it does not work right?

      1. Yes… those crab apples really look enticing, even to me… great pictures… they truly captured the essence of the pigeon’s struggle with the crab apple.

  2. So funny! I get a lot of amusement watching the Maggies trying to reach the suet balls in the garden, they love them, so all sorts of gymnastics are tried out!

      1. A kitchen with a view is an important asset in a house. Eventually one does spend a while in the kitchen… Another blogger lives in Florida, there is a pond with an alligator that can be seen from the kitchen… 😉

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