Atmospheric Lines


Mist, mountain, dune grass, sand – with a touch more abstraction it might have the makings of a seaside Rothko. Artworks apart though, it wasn’t a very promising start to our short  break in Newport. A Monday morning feeling made manifest by land, sky and sea.

But there again if you have taken the trouble to get yourself to the beach in the face of unpromising conditions, and have the trusty little camera to hand, there’s usually something to spot. So I had a happy half hour scrambling around in misty sand dunes. And the camera enjoyed itself too, taking some of the below on its own mysterious potluck settings. Carpe diem and all that.





Line Squares #15

* Latin tag: ‘seize the day’

43 thoughts on “Atmospheric Lines

  1. love the dune grass lines – Marram is even more splendid than its eye-catching stems as its the main thing that holds our dunes together… I remember a whole lecture dedicated to this subject but found it hard to stay awake some of the time!

  2. Lovely images – I almost like the monochromatic ones better than full colour….although having said that, I do love the Rothko feeling to the first two. Speaking of which I dreamt just last night about sitting in the little white chapel in Texas that houses some amazing Rothko paintings….Interesting. Enjoy this autumnal day. Janet 🙂

    1. Oh yes, the Houston Chapel. Somewhere I’d like to visit. Simon Schama did a very excellent art series that included a moving overview of Rothko’s career. There was a sequence from the Chapel. What an interesting place to dream of, Janet.

      1. I had the good fortune to visit there quite a few years ago and sit on the bench in the middle of the Chapel – allowing Rothko’s paintings to vibrate all around me. An amazing experience.

      1. We have all done something odd, Tish. We think it is us – all this beauty – but it would be there without us. Which is not to say that I do not appreciate your photographic record. I have difficulty dragging anyone out even to the Autumn gold!

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