Beating The Blues With Bubbles


I have never grown out of loving bubbles. As a rural child of the fifties receiving a tin of them complete with a pretty little plastic wand (pale pink or blue) was one of life’s big thrills. And so rather more recently when we came upon the Bubble-Making Man at Bishops Castle Michaelmas Fair it was all I could do to stop myself from joining in with the children’s great bubble chase. Because that’s what you do with bubbles – you try to catch and keep them. You want just one of them to last forever and ever. Anyway, being several decades beyond childhood, I contained my excitement by snapping them instead. Which of course means I do get to keep them. And you get to have them too. And if you’re having a so-so Monday, or even a dreary one, here’s a gift of bubbles to lift the spirits. Who’d’ve thought there was so much magic in a bucket of soapy water and a piece of net. Just goes to show!




100_7331 - Copy

100_7330 - Copy

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58 thoughts on “Beating The Blues With Bubbles

  1. thanks for letting us share in a bit of fun for this bubble chase – 🙂
    and the photos with the bubbles against the sky is not something you see everyday – so fun ‘and the memory was fun too –
    funny you should say “tin” because everything is plastic these days –

      1. back in 2004 – a family member bought my boys the bubble wand that was made of a stick and rope – and it made huge bubbles – I guess it was based on 1800s bubble makers??? not sure but it worked and we had a big bucket for the water

  2. Thank you so much for this post! I too LOVE bubbles. Apparently you don’t outgrow them 😉

    I have 2 bubble guns (the only kind of gun that makes sense to own, in my humble opinion) and one of them is battery operated which can churn out a lot of bubbles at once. I was in the backyard last night marvelling at the bubbles in the low evening light. Glorious!

  3. oh I love your bubbles. They are so much fun . .. you should get yourself a bubble making machine. Just imagine the fun you’ll have!

  4. Yep. Bubbles forever. A couple of christmases ago I bought the boy-child, Big T and I bubble guns for Christmas (what to buy the person who has everything). Such fun.

      1. That’s what gives it the wet slick so the bubbles remains intact longer. PBS had a documentary on bubbles—educationally fun.

  5. I’m a watcher not a chaser. I wonder if that describes the two types of people in the world: those who watch bubbles flit and dance up up into the sky compared to those who chase after the floating rainbows, hoping to hold on to them.

  6. Fabulous! I feel uplifted, even though it’s Thursday 🙂 🙂 My recollections are pretty much the same, Tish, and I have that self same desire.

  7. Recently, I captured some video of some kids in the town square in Wroclaw, a small city in Poland where there was a street performer releasing enormous bubbles into the air, once I get that video edited and on YouTube I will show you Tish, it’s very cute!

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