All Of A Squash


I’m not actually at my pc as this post appears, though I will be back there shortly. And shortly too it will be time to sow squash and courgette seeds.

A big thank you to Becky for her spiky squares challenge. What a lot of fun we’ve had.

Spiky Squares #31

20 thoughts on “All Of A Squash

  1. Jude told me you’re having a wonderful spring, but when I saw these I thought “great spiky squares” surely not this good, but then I spotted you’ve yet to sow the seeds!

    1. Thanks for the good wishes, Yvette, I’ve been and come back, and we had a lovely time, just an hour and a bit’s drive from home, but in new territory. Pix to follow 🙂

  2. Yum!! Do you fix the blossoms stuffed with something? And you’re not at your computer every minute?? I’m SO disappointed that you have a real life. 🙂 My posts all go live while I’m sound asleep, so they’re out for five hours or so before I’m at any of my devices. Happy Sunday!


    1. Have not tried stuffing the blossoms. Something I’ve always meant to try. Helps to control the glut for one thing. Maybe this year. Happy week, Janet. PS I’m just back from my real life 🙂

      1. Hurrah for real life, Tish!! As much as I love blogging, I try not to get involved in it so much that it interferes with real life, but that can be hard!

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