31 thoughts on “Monochrome Rhino

  1. Such a beautiful creature. I’ve just re-read your linked post, and find myself all over again in tears of shame for our some humans’ monumental arrogance and stupidity, and so grateful to those who stand against it.

    1. Pretty close, yes, Beverly. On foot too. This particular rhino was one of several that had been moved to Maasai owned territory where they were being protected from poachers by locals. It was thus rather used to humans. They’re also very short-sighted animals.

  2. Large animal populations are particularly fragile, because traditionally they usually lack predators – and then they reproduce slowly. All the more reason to preserve natural habitats and diversity.

      1. They must’ve been raiding villages like raccoons do now. But I bet they must have been hard to take on out in the open.

      2. I don’t think they raided villages. They’re very solitary and bush country loving, living on quite coarse vegetation, but they can be very bad tempered. The tales of Great White Hunters endlessly tell of being charged by rhinos (which they duly despatched). But they are short-sighted, so are also known to miss their targets. I’m not sure what the precise reasoning was for the colonial onslaught. John Hunter claimed to have killed 1,000 in 2 days in one district in lowland Kenya which is still largely bush country. But then he also had a private safari business, so maybe it was one way of making the bush safer for parties of aristocratic hunters unused to African terrain.

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