Yesterday In The Garden ~ Kind Of Pink With Added Blue



I love the way these Blue Lace Flowers have leaned in among the plumes of Hydrangea paniculata. It was not planned. In fact I did not know what to expect of the seedlings grown from the free packet of seed that came with a gardening magazine back in March. The water colour image on the packet verged on the surreaI and I was certain I had never seen anything like it in real life.

Didiscus caerulea also known as Trachymene coerulea  was apparently introduced to Britain from Western Australia in 1828 so I can’t excuse my ignorance of its existence by thinking it a ‘new’ plant. Anyway, it is well worth growing – a half hardy annual, delicately scented, good for cutting, long flowering and around two feet tall. The leaves turn a lovely shade of tangerine as they age.

An all round good-looker then, and although dead-heading encourages new flowers, I haven’t persuaded myself to do it so far. When the petals fall the flower turns into a star burst, which then curls up into a little fist of seeds. I’m wondering if it will sow itself, though imagine the seeds would not survive an English winter. But I might try collecting some and drying them for next spring’s sowing.

That the flowers also attract hoverflies is of course an added bonus.


In the Pink #3

43 thoughts on “Yesterday In The Garden ~ Kind Of Pink With Added Blue

  1. Aren’t they lovely? And I have not heard of them before this year either – obviously a lot of people received that free packet of seeds! The dying seed-head looks rather lovely too. Time to stop dead-heading and leave the seeds for the birds (or the garden), but yes I would definitely save some for sowing next spring.

  2. oh the third photo was the one that smitten me – but all three are fantastic (and whew – such an artsy depiction of these blooms – well done for the photographer in you) and now the master gardener in you also shared some more tipoids – like don’t just seeds by their cover (even if free) and it is okay and normal to not dead-head – we do what we can… lol

  3. Stunning. Absolutely stunning, and what a fabulous addition to the garden. I’d have been tickled pink by these. Wonderful pink entry for today.

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