Welcome To The Sunset Garden With Privy View

sunset sq

Here’s a side glimpse of one of our C19th privies. I’m guessing the little aperture above the brick pile was there to provide some light on the situation. The adjoining facility also has one on the farther side. The privies share an internal wall – limestone – a good half metre wide, which seems a bit over-engineered to us, and at present stops short of supporting the roof rafters. He Who Builds Sheds is therefore wondering if he might remove it to make one useful shed instead of two impossible sheds, and all without altering the outside.

Meanwhile here’s the other shed, 2017 vintage, designed and built from scratch – with rubber roof. The double-glazed windows and door were cast offs from chums:P1060456 sunset sq2

And now the garden full of early evening sunshine plus a few roof glimpses:

Roof Squares


27 thoughts on “Welcome To The Sunset Garden With Privy View

    1. Part of me thinks that, but they have been mucked about with by previous owners so it’s hard to see what is truly original. Also they wouldn’t look any different from the outside because they are faced in brick which also doesn’t quite connect with the internal limestone wall. We’re still pondering, but having no garage we’re rather short of storage places.

  1. Mr Shed is a very clever feller. For me, a screwdriver, hammer or saw is normally something held by someone else. My dad used to be like Mr.G. Handy as anything and always ready to knock a wall down or build another!

    1. Ah, but you cook roast chicken for your family and make jam, and that also goes a long way with me 🙂 At the moment the project happening inside the shed is a very, very small working model stationary steam engine – as a means to teaching himself how to use the lathe and make engine parts. Have to say it’s driving me a bit nuts. Maybe I need to go and demolish the shed wall!

  2. Although it’s sad to lose the old privy – probably one really good shed would be more practical….but then when was I ever practical?:) The flowers are gorgeous and I can imagine how lovely it is in your garden right now. Very overcast in London!

    1. The garden is being very lovely just now. Not sure what will happen next as lots of things have been moved to make space for the new shed/workshop. I’m sure the garden will come up with its own surprises though. It usually does.

  3. What a lovely cottage garden you have! As for the privies I’m guessing they aren’t actually listed? So could you (or more to the point TMWBS) demolish them and rebuild one taller stone shed? I understand that being a master stonemason might be more challenging…

    1. They’re not listed, but we might have to have conversations with what’s left of the conservation officer’s domain at the Shirehall if we want to change them. We have lots of spare limestone in the garden though.

      1. Of course! Very expectable. The houses in Normandy have lots of fossils too. 🙂 All that region was under water for millions of years.

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