31 thoughts on “Marigold Auditioning To Be The Sun

      1. Didn’t watch the wedding. Went to a specialist plant sale at a lovely arboretum on the River Severn. Might try to catch up with highlights on the net. I’m suddenly feeling a bit nosy about what I’ve missed now I’ve bought some nice plants.

    1. I was surprised to find this one. It’s so very orange. Also those plants that have seeded, the seedlings are still v. small. So maybe there’s time for yours yet. It tends to be all or nothing with marigolds though.

  1. Self-sown is the key there. I gave up on annuals around year 2 of the garden. If they can’t remake themselves, they’ll have to live elsewhere. I barely manage to get one or two days a year organized to clip and clean one garden. Plant too? Sad to say, but I’m not even sure I’m going to be able to attack the garden next year. I can hope, but I can’t promise.

  2. sensational sun setting seed setter – say that after a couple of glasses.Cheers! And thanks for brightening my day with this one

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