47 thoughts on “Today In My Garden ~ SUN!

  1. Love the angle of the shots. Feels like being in a scene from Honey I shrunk the Kids.
    Did you have to lie down for these or are they very tall tulips?

  2. Mine were throwing their heads open yesterday in glee, but back to huddling together today as we are in some sort of sea mist! Yours are a glorious red and I love the light through the petals. So rich!

  3. Hurrah! Warmth here today to melt last night’s snow and we’re supposed to actually have spring temperatures the rest of the week. About time. Glad you survived your pretzel position to take this cheerful photo. 🙂


  4. The sun came out about an hour ago and from today on, it is supposed to start to warm up. I’m going to go out and poke around tomorrow — and hope that I find a few things flowering despite the cold.

    1. It’s amazing how quickly plants get going once there’s a bit of warmth. Yesterday looking across the fields was like watching a time-lapse film. I swear things were growing taller or greener hour by hour.

  5. Nice shot with the light through the petals, red isn’t the easiest colour to capture well. We’ve hat several days of hot sun, but thunder and lightening have cooled the air today.

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