“The Rain It Raineth Every Day”


Another day, another drenching. But sometimes we get rainbows too. This one was spotted at the allotment, though it’s not the one I saw the day before yesterday, because I didn’t have my camera with me. Pretty dramatic though, looking over the town to Walton Hill.

The quotation is from Shakespeare’s King Lear  Act 3 scene 2

Six Word Saturday Now please pop over to Debbie’s for a very astonishing vista

35 thoughts on ““The Rain It Raineth Every Day”

  1. Ah, but you see, it’s alright for it to rain now, Tish. April showers! And sunshine (hopefully 🙂 ). Blossom just peeping out on the trees in the park this morning. 🙂 Lovely shot!

    1. April showers. Hmph. But yes, you’re right, Jo. They are on time. And yes the blossom is beginning to burst. Church Stretton looked v. other worldly yesterday. (Thought of you). After massive rain, all the hills were covered in pale luminous mists.

      1. Over the Edge doesn’t look too bright, but in the other direction we too have a glimmer in our grey, and NO PUDDLES. Last night coming home over the Edge there were huge lakes on the road near the quarries. V. dangerous.

  2. Super to catch a double rainbow. Ours are usually behind the house and we have few windows facing that way so when we get sun and rain I have to go charging out into the lane with camera in hand!

  3. I think it’s also from a song in Twelfth Night at the end of the play. Or maybe that’s from the movie version when Ben Kingsley goes off singing having played the fool.

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