Size No Obstacle To Super Puppy


They were complete strangers too. The large poodle-cross spotted small cockapoo from across the bay at Marloes Sands (see previous post) and made a bee-line for her. It seemed a case of like recognising like.

Six Word Saturday Fantastic elephant shot over at Debbie’s.

In which Six Go Potty In Pembroke With Cockapoo Puppy – holiday snaps #6

33 thoughts on “Size No Obstacle To Super Puppy

  1. This is lovely Tish. Isn’t it fab how dogs and children find each other to play. I hope the puppy-borrowing isn’t just a one-time thing; it seems like an excellent idea to me.

  2. The puppy is quite like George, whereas Flora had more of a poodle face. They certainly do love meeting dogs that have a similar look. Perhaps it’s like bumping into another in the rainforest.

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