Frigid February But With Flowers ~ The Changing Seasons

We’ve had gales, sleet, snow, frost, downpours and sunshine, lowering skies, gloom, dankness, glowing sunsets, and starlit nights, and throughout all variations it has been bitterly cold with far too many Arctic blasts and draughty peripheries. Yet despite the chill factor, some things seem to have been growing since December, many of them out of season.

For instance, up at the allotment this afternoon, I came upon a very confused globe artichoke. In the last few days it has grown some very chunky buds. Too soon, I tell it. It was also surrounded by a vigorous bouquet of spanking new foliage. In the garden at home a butter coloured geum has been flowering, one stem at a time, all winter. Likewise a blue penstemon. I have also been cropping the wild garlic leaves for several weeks. They are shooting up along the old railway line beside the Linden Walk.

All of which apparently tells me that it can’t have been as cold as I think it has.

Certainly the spring flowers have not been deterred – celandines, snowdrops, primroses, crocus, flowering currant and hellebores all quick off the mark – with daffodils just on the cusp of opening.

Here then are February scenes around and about the Farrell domain in Much Wenlock:


To join in the Changing Seasons challenge please visit Su at the link:

The Changing Seasons: February

49 thoughts on “Frigid February But With Flowers ~ The Changing Seasons

    1. Oh, now I am jealous. I’ve been following the Standard newspaper lately and things are pretty interesting there. Don’t tell me they’re sending you to Wajir though.

      1. We got a reasonable number of snow gusts today, forecast to become much worse in the coming days, so I went up to London today, and luckily it all worked out – I was originally going Thursday, then I thought tomorrow….but I may have made the right call!!

      2. We’ll see what tomorrow brings…I’m intending to batten down the hatches, so to speak! Hope you stay warm and dry!

  1. Like Marilyn, you certainly seem to have had some exciting weather this past month! Lovely to see nature doing it’s thing and producing so many beautiful flowers. Hope March is more settled (and warmer) for you.

  2. Celeste was saying only this afternoon that she wished she could go for a walk with the dogs in England again, and I immediately mentioned your spot!
    But the cold is another matter altogether! Brrrr.

  3. Lovely photos Tish and lots of ‘springiness’ going off in your part of the world. February sure has been a mixed up month and it looks like it is going to continue to the end! I always remember February as being the hardest month though.

  4. even plants reject stereotypes… checking out the universe a little earlier than expected… like lone wolves. How good it is for those of us who are reminded that life goes on…

    1. Good news messengers indeed, Shimon. Though we’re in for more icy blasts this week. But as you say, life does go on. And lots of seeds arrived in the post this morning – including crimson flowered broad beans which are an old variety. You have beautiful blossom. And then you have delicious beans. Happy week to you.

  5. How lovely to have so many signs that spring is just around the corner and that lovely Linden walk is beautiful in all seasons. Soon be time to start planting again Tish

  6. Smiling at your draughty peripheries. 🙂 🙂 The photos don’t look cold (with one or two exceptions 🙂 ) and you make it look very beautiful, Tish. As I know it is. But please- no more snow! Sufficient unto the day 😦

    1. Snow! It’s still wafting about here – but not with much intention. Graham who has just been there and back to the post office, says it’s v cold on the chin. And there’s me been longing for a balaclava and not getting one. Perhaps I can knit one before tomorrow’s snow forecast.

    1. Good luck! Hopefully there will be something to perk things up in the garden. This morning our two open daffodils had their faces in the dirt. They seem to rouse themselves later, but bad weather is on the way it seems.

  7. So lovely, I’m sure they’ll survive, even the artichoke with bad timing will be okay. Tomorrow and Thursday are forecast to be horrendous here, wish I could hibernate!

  8. What a lovely series of juxtaposed captures! Vibrant colours alongside the stark bare branches! The suggested warmth & growth alongside the still sleeping.

    Hope the sudden cold snap (reported by my family & friends in London) haven’t adversely affected your blooms & buds.

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