Favourites Over The Fence In 2017

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Actually, despite knowing where we all are calendar-wise, I’m feeling most disorientated just now, and it’s got nothing to do with too much Prosecco. It seems as if the whole year has rolled by without my being wholly present. Where did it go? Perhaps I was too busy trying to bury my head in the proverbial sand, for although all was well in the Farrell household (for which we are truly grateful), there was too much happening in the rest of the world that was deeply tragic, or infuriating, or just plain bonkers.  It makes me want to re-wind the year and start again with all our grownup brains switched on. Ah, well. A new year. A fresh start. So let’s aim to do our best in 2018. In the meantime here’s a sample of this year’s seasonal ponderings – over the garden fence – a favourite displacement activity for this writer on the Edge:

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Happy New Year!


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53 thoughts on “Favourites Over The Fence In 2017

  1. Have enjoyed reading your posts. Lovely photography too. By the way, thank you for the tip you gave me some months ago about the cafe at Penmon. You’re right – the hot chocolate is superb. Happy New Year!!

      1. I got to go twice and I cant wait to go back. So much to do and see there. A photographer’s paradise. I noticed you’ve been to Llanddwyn Island too. That’s next on the list, along with Church Island.

  2. I think this was a good year to be disconnected. Our personal lives have been pretty good — aside from some unfortunate money issues (when do we NOT have them!), we’ve been healthy and had a pretty good time — personally. No big family issues. Any remaining family that began the year alive are still with us. Lost friends, but their numbers had come up a while ago and they were sadly, not a surprise.

    This has been a terrifying year to be a “grown up.” Especially a grown up who has read history, has seen how bad things can get … and for anyone who cars about the earth. I can’t promise it will be better, but I’m hoping it won’t get worse and maybe we’ll start to see a hint of creeping betterness!

    Garry’s brother (the conductor) sent this link. It made us smile. Better with sound!

    [video src="https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/924111999306313729/pu/vid/1280x720/rzsxXzUZlwXav1RJ.mp4" /]

    1. Oh, that link! If only we could have that ending. Even over here in the UK we are confounded by the existence of the endlessly twittering president, and how such a ludicrous phenomenon could be possible. More than a blip in the space-time continuum. Anyway, I salute your determination, keen mind and good humour. It’s been good to be around in your wise corner of wordpress. Sanity Claus? What Sanity Claus

  3. All looks well over your fence and for as far as the camera can see which is reassuring. As for 2017, I am simply relieved we survived it. I was determined to be more positive going into 2018 but my calm mind had a difficult time remaining calm when I saw the despicable treatment of New Zealand and Lorde by a certain Jewish group yesterday. I was outraged. My question, once I had processed the vilification, was why anyone should be feel so threatened by a young singer and tiny New Zealand.

    1. There are horrible tendencies to witch hunt these days, and particularly using targets that will get maximum coverage on social media. When this kind of behaviour is encouraged and perpetuated by people in power, then all of us are potential targets if mileage can be made of us. It is hard to feel positive in such a climate, I agree, Ann. And all this stuff is being used to divert us from essential issues like the state of the planet, the outcomes of which will affect all of us and which each of us can do something about, albeit in small ways. Our own power lies in making better choices 🙂

      1. Yes, indeed it should. It was only yesterday that I read that the UK shipped 2.7 million tons of waste to China, and exclaimed to G. in horror at the daftness of it; then today I heard China had banned accepting any more of our mindless effluent. What a mess we’ve made with our mass consumption.

  4. Happy New Year. I always enjoy your posts and look forward to more in 2018. Hopefully the world will regain a bit of sanity in the months to come.

  5. I think many people feel as you do. I decided years ago to switch off the noise, as much as possible,and « go outside » . Maybe I’m uninformed (though it actually seems the opposite now), but it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Wishing you a serene 2018.

    1. Many thanks for those good wishes, Julie. Serenity is definitely this year’s goal, though I’ve just made myself especially ratty trying to declutter drawers and dispose of family flotsam – the remnants of other people’s lives – you know the kind of stuff that involves inner strife – to keep or not to keep 🙂

  6. Happy New Year Tish. I’ve so enjoyed sharing your beautiful corner of England (and briefly Greece), and been so inspired by your gardening endeavors. I want to be hopeful for 2018; I want to believe that we will look back on last year as some sort of watershed of craziness that pulled us out of our comfortable chairs and kicked us up the backside. I certainly hope so. 🙂

    1. So happy if I provide a bit inspiration, Lisa. Though looking at your blog it looks as if you have plenty of your own inspiration. Just passed on your unicorn to other half as it might provide new thoughts for his book binding operations. Many thanks.

  7. Idyllic! As one commenter says, ‘I’ve enjoyed your blog so much!’ 🙂 🙂 Onwards and upwards, into the future, Tish, but you can always escape into the past. Happy 2018!

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