The Changing Seasons December 2017 ~ A Snowland Gallery


Our week of snow in mid-December was probably the highlight of the month for many of us – more magical than mithering about Christmas shopping or if the larder shelves had enough food on them. So here are more scenes of ice art. Also a big, big thank you to Max for hosting the The Changing Seasons challenge.

The Changing Seasons – December 2017

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40 thoughts on “The Changing Seasons December 2017 ~ A Snowland Gallery

  1. Beautiful, especially as we hardly ever get snow in Jo’burg. Love the shot of the tree with berries.
    It’s another pot-boiler here today. A nice accompanying breeze, but boy oh boy are we sweltering.
    Hey! Who nicked my iced tea and the suntan lotion?

    1. Iced tea. Suntan lotion. Pah! It’s all sweaters and thick sox and stoking up the woodburner here. But glad I could provide vicarious snow. We still have a dusting of it here.

      1. Would you like some vicarious sunshine a bit later?
        Or vicarious sunglasses, even?
        I’d offer the vicarious swimsuit shot but at my age we’d need a PG warning about scaring your visitors and I have too much respect for you to cause such alarm.

  2. What a fabulous homage to snow, Tish! And you appear to have worked some magic. It’s snowing heaven’s hard here! 🙂 🙂 But we’re supposed to be driving to Norfolk on Sunday 😦

    1. Sorry about that, Jo. Must’ve got a bit over-enthusiastic with the snow-spreading. But it is supposed to be getting warmer here, though that’s probably no help to you in the east – full blasts from Siberia and all that. Take care both, on your Norfolk safari.

  3. I especially like the pictures of the leaves and the berries.Nature really does her thing in each season.
    Here …we are cold but no snow as of right now. Could change by this weekend but don’t depend on the weather forecast…they don’t do a very good job.

  4. beautiful to look at from a lovely warm living room 🙂 We had thunder and lightning early this morning – woke me up just before 5 am! Now what is that all about?

    1. It’s all going to pot, isn’t it. I don’t usually have much time for the HRHs, but this week Harry and Charles have giving us all a right royal wake-up call. Hopefully counteracting Trump’s idiotic twittery on the matter.

  5. I loved the slideshow – shows the ice art of your changing season off best – I only have rain to offer!

  6. Wow. The first photo is wonderful and those that follow add to the magic. It’s like the world hit the pause button.

    1. It’s a good one, isn’t it. I think it may come from the north of England. Lots of good words there. Which reminds me, if you can get YouTube, and Melvyn Bragg’s series History of English, you will find a treasure house of words old and new.

  7. Lovely. My part of France seems to be the only region untouched by snow so far. The ambiance just isn’t the same.

    1. Well it’s v. nice you found them now. I’m working up to a January changing seasons – hopefully before Feb! I realised when I saw your post I’d not taken many photos this month so am trying to make up for lost time. The weather is being a bit gloomy though.

      1. Hope you find some fun opportunities for photography, though if your weather is anything like Mum’s in Northampton, it does sound a bit dreich.

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