Five Minutes In The Polytunnel ~ Regular Random


As ever, I have probably overdone things in the polytunnel, been too liberal with the seaweed extract. On the other hand the half dozen Tuscan kale plants have been producing succulent leaves since the winter. Almost undamaged too. I’m wondering how long they will keep going. Forever? I’m also pleased to find ladybirds in there, although the one featured below seems to have missed the aphid on the aubergine leaf. Maybe it’s trying to lull it into a sense of false security.IMG_5272







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44 thoughts on “Five Minutes In The Polytunnel ~ Regular Random

  1. I must say Tish, your plants and produce looks amazing for this time of the year, they almost look like June plants really, they are all so healthy green and alive. Here, I know the poly tunnels I see around here, they put a white type semi shade type cloth over to allow air circulation and cut down on the sunlight and extreme heat, but I still believe your plants look better than the plants here, at least for August. Wonderful photography, I love ladybugs! I am sure she found that aphid before the end of the day! (Evening Snack) 🙂

    1. I have a bit of shading in my tunnel, above the tomatoes, and at the moment they are also shading the back bed of squashes and kale. And then we’ve suddenly gone into a spell of autumn weather, so it’s quite a reasonable temperature in there. Happy plants!

      1. Well Tish, even though we are separated by thousands of miles and the Atlantic, we both seem to experiencing autumn weather at the same time. we went from blistering hot and muggy August on Friday to almost Fall like and no humidity to speak of! This weather makes for happy plants and happier people! I just do not want early winter! 😦

  2. You are definitely “Queen of the Allotment”. I am going to focus on herbs in my raised beds next year. A white bed and a miscellaneous bed. My veggie attempts have been a BIG fail this year.

    1. Sorry about the veggie disaster. It has been a pretty strange year growing wise, but concentrating on herbs is a good idea, and your tomatoes did well, didn’t they.

      1. Tomatoes, basil and chillies have all done well, but they are all inside the conservatory. It is the outside ones that have suffered. My kale last year did well once it revived after the cabbage white caterpillar attack. We ate it all through winter until it went to seed in the spring. Not sure why it failed to grow as well this year. Radishes grow well, but spring onions didn’t appear at all, neither did carrots or chard!

      2. Maybe too hot and dry this year for good carrot and chard germination. I find I do best with carrots in a big pot or rubber trug. Late sowings, which you could just do now with Paris Market stubby variety, can then be taken into conservatory if it goes frosty later, and you will have some carrots to pull in the winter. Likewise spring onions. Chard will grow in a container too. Don’t think it’s too late to sow some.

  3. Oh, the glory of the flower still attached, especially to the pumpkin-shaped thing. For an erstwhile market gardener (labourer, I should say) I’m vegetable-ignorant! I’m glad you’re playing the RegularRandom game.

    1. It’s a good game, isn’t it. The flower attached thingy is a mini squash called munchkin. Haven’t grown them before, but people who see them want them as pets. Otherwise I gather you can bake them whole then scoop out their middles which isn’t really a nice thing to do to a pet.

  4. Beautiful. Your photos make me hungry for all the delicious, colourful dishes that can (and I’m sure will) be made from that lovely produce. 🙂

  5. It’s funny I’ve always thought flowers made me happy …but today I thought beautiful vegies also do it. Amazing photography. Just curious what is a poly tunnel ? and is your garden in a city or further out?

    1. I live in a small rural town in a mostly rural county. We have a small garden at our house, but the allotments (community gardens) are across the field on the edge of town. A polytunnel is also known as a hoop house – steel frame covered in polythene. Thanks for your interest.

  6. Dear Tish, I wanted to thank you for your wonderful and mind boggling entry for “slow” but the comments are closed there. Then I came here to admire your crops 🙂 Hope you are well. I am back 🙂

    1. Hello again, Paula. You’re the second person who’s said comments were closed on past posts. Must be wordpress. Not sure where to go in the Admin settings to re-open. I’ve clicked on everything. Any ideas?

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