A Matter of Focus ~ Fond Thoughts Of High Summer On Windmill Hill With Greater Knapweed And Assorted Grasses


It’s blowing a frigid gale in Wenlock today; Met Office warnings of 60-80 mph winds as Storm Doris comes tearing through. What a woman! Talk about flighty.

First thing this morning I had to dash outdoors in my nightie to rescue the sweet pea seedlings: they were being blown out of their pots. Not only that, the freshly open daffodils were all askew, and the garden canes whipped off the shed wall into giant Pick-Up-Sticks.  Phew and phew. Just TOO much wind.

So it’s good to think about warmer weather, of lying in the grass on Windmill Hill, and peering at things botanical with the sun on my head. So thank you, Paula, for this week’s Thursday’s Special.

Focus is the watch word, however we care to interpret it,  and it has had me happily trawling through summer days in my own version of A la recherche de temps perdu. Which also reminds me that Marcel Proust used to do his writing in bed. Today, with all the draughts, and in places where we never knew we had them before, this is a very tempting prospect. So I’m wondering if He Who Recycles Pallets Builds Walls And Binds Books would mind delivering sustenance at regular intervals to the office bed where I might huddle under the duvet with my laptop. Seems unlikely somehow.

Here’s another shot of the knapweed, this one well and truly open for business along with assorted small bugs:


33 thoughts on “A Matter of Focus ~ Fond Thoughts Of High Summer On Windmill Hill With Greater Knapweed And Assorted Grasses

  1. Unbelievable! I was also in my nightie on my balcony chasing a pot early this morning. It is not Doris, but something similar. Beautiful reminiscence focusing on blooms and playful grass. I loved Proust (still do). Thank you for this bit of poetry on a raging, windy day. Please, cover yourself well 🙂

  2. Lovely image, Tish….. The ferocious, feisty and fearsome Doris is here, too, and I nearly got blown off my feet earlier – not good for a person with compromised balance (in the physical sense, not the mind 😀)!!

    1. Would never query your mental balance, Sue 🙂 Doris is also a Dirty Tricks Doris. Popped out to the shops in a sunny, if blustery, moment, only to be deluged in freezing sleety blizzard on the way home. Pah. Wet knees and frozen faces all round.

  3. Glorious, Tish! I chuckled all the way through and felt quite neglected not to have made it out into the garden in my fleecy jim jams (well, it’s too cold up here for flimsies 🙂 ). That first image is definitely the stuff of dreams.

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