Frosted Apples ~ Thursdays Special


This first photo was taken in December before the blackbirds had begun to feast on the stash of windfall apples out in the field. My last post featured a shot of how the apples look now. Yesterday when I was passing by, there was a whole flock of blackbirds pecking away – at least four and twenty. I’ve never seen so many all once that weren’t in a pie or singing song of sixpence! They didn’t stay to have their photos taken.



Paula’s prompt this week is seasonal. Please take a look at her inspiring photography:

Thursday’s Special: Wintry

28 thoughts on “Frosted Apples ~ Thursdays Special

  1. There’s a theme going on here, Tish. Is there a lady with a warty green nose handing these out? That first shot makes them look positively ‘Wicked’ 🙂 🙂

  2. These apples are beautiful, Tish. Those tat fall on our Michigan property, by this time of the year, there’s no color left, having been replaced by brown — if you can find any. The deer are efficient foragers.

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